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2015 Twitter

Posted on January 5, 2015 at 8:50 PM Comments comments (2)

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2015 will be a great year to get out and explore.  2014 found me in Italy exploring historic Rome and Pisa.  Get out and see your world!

Closer to 100

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This year I turned 51 and started to think about being closer to 100 then to 0. While our age and time are relative to our perceptions and journey, being closer to 100 can get your attention. So why do we care? I have set some pretty high goals that will stretch my physical limits and well as challenge my ingenuity and drive to accomplish them. A few weeks ago I could not summit an easy climb at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area in Texas. Part of the reason was the extreme heat and the other was simply being out of shape. Getting closer to 100 is not helping and has allowed me to consider the importance of reaching my goals.

While the top of Everest would be great, I am hoping to just get there and view it from the Base Camp, while walking to the North Pole would be amazing in reality getting there by alternate modes of transportation would put be in the small group on earth too have stood at both Poles. Adding reality to dreams can keep them within reach. The Camino De Santiago will remain a goal that I desire to complete the old fashion way….by walking. Whether you are closer to 0 or to 100 stick with your goals and Reach Your Everest.

The Edge

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The Edge

Just watched then movie “Beyond the Edge” about Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay and their summit of Mt Everest. Got me to thinking about what makes me feel alive? Why do we push life to the edge? We often talk about living on the edge, looking over the edge or going over the edge in a quest for the feeling or sensation of achieving a goal. Some of us have a fear of being near the edge, get nervous, sweaty palms and tell other to stay away. Maybe we all need to step a little closer to the edge and feel what it means to be alive. When was the last time you did something on the edge? Get out end explore the world you live in and find your edge.

Stay Safe my friends


Award Sponsor

Posted on March 24, 2014 at 9:25 PM Comments comments (0)

90 Degrees South Leadership is a sponsor for the AFA Alamo Chapter Loos/Kellogg Awards ceremony.  This is our first time we are giving back to our local San Antonio community.

Second "Tenacious" Sponsor

Posted on February 17, 2014 at 6:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Today I received a free trial training shirt from Ergodyne.  Thanks for the mid layer shirt that will be put the the test under the Texas sun.  Check out the Ergodyne website for some great safety products and gear at www. ergodyne.com

How are you doing with your training or goals?  It is never to late to get back in gear and train or pursue change.  Thanks again to the Ergodyne crew for having faith in me.

100 Likes...UPDATE over 400 Likes on FB

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Update...over 400 likes and now you can go to www.facebook.com/90DegreesSouthLeadership for the latest updates.

This week we went over 100 Likes on Facebook, a small but notable achievement.  Reaching 100 is a step towards my journey in the business and blog world.  Part of leading is adapting to the social media in use to help spred your idea or message.  This blog and the Facebok page have gievn me an opportunity to explore beyond my home in Texas with the message of 90 Degrees South Leadership.  Thank you to those now over 100 likes on my page...next goal 500!

First Sponsor

Posted on December 16, 2013 at 7:35 PM Comments comments (1)

Today I was notified by Helly Hansen clothing that I was selected to recieve a Walking With The Wounded shirt for my training after entering a contest.  Winners were selected based on their goals. They were a major sponsor of the recent Walking With The Wounded South Pole expedition with Prince Harry.  Look forward to receiving the shirt.  Small start to a big goal!

Check out our FaceBook page

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Check out our FaceBook page under "90 Degrees South Leadership".  Please click the "LIKE" and help us get the word out to your friends. 

90 Degrees North

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You may have noticed my goal to reach the North Pole and asked why?  My book, speaking engagements and leadership notes are all about being a 90 Degrees South Leader.  I made it as far above the Arctic Circle to Barrow Alaska a few years back.  While on the trip I realized I was just over 1000 miles of reaching the North Pole.  I was able in Barrow to stand on the frozen Arctic ice, see fresh Polar bear prints in the snow and dream of reaching the pole.  I had already accomplished the South Pole so I now have a desire to be one of the few who have been to both poles.  I expect the journey will result in some 90 Degrees North leadership lessons!

What are you invested in?

Posted on November 13, 2013 at 7:25 PM Comments comments (0)

We are inundated with media on investments 24/7…but what are you invested in? How many of you think of financial investments first? What about the investment you make in yourself? How do you invest in your health, fitness, mind and spirit? Do you take time to invest in your education and master your craft? How we invest our time makes up who we are. Do you invest in relationships or family? How much could you gain by spending ten more minutes a day talking with your spouse, parents, children or siblings and not on the web or phone? Take time to invest in more than your financial future, take time to invest in You Inc. I know I could use some reprioritizing of my investments.